A Life in Color: Our Founder, Sejal Patel

I learned from an early age that the lighter the skin, the more beautiful the girl. Colorism colored my sense of self. And like many melanated women, I struggled with irregular pigmentation, inflammation, and dryness. But because beauty ads never featured women who looked like me, I didn’t believe there were beauty products made for my skin.

as a pharmacist,

I became an expert in understanding ingredient synergies. I believed for a long time that the right mix of pills could cure any ail. But when my daughter was diagnosed with Pigmentary Mosiacism, I exhausted my arsenal of pills only to discover that nothing worked. Just like beauty products, there wasn’t a prescription medication made for melanin disorders.

Luckily our journey
didn’t end here.

Instincts and ancestry kicked in and I looked to the Ayurvedic wisdom rooted in my Indian heritage and turned to my training as a pharmacist, which was built upon ingredient synergies. Through this powerful fusion of Eastern plant-based medicine and Western clean science, Plantkos® (Kos, or "Kosha" in Sanskrit, means layer) was born.

We are the first pharmacist-developed skincare line

formulated with proprietary blends of Ayurvedic herbs and clean actives that target skin’s deepest dermal layers—where inflammation, dehydration, and hyperpigmentation, the three most common skin concerns of people with melanated skin, begin.

Your skin deserves to be seen. To be understood.
To be appreciated for its unique complexities. Plantkos® is skincare that loves all of your layers, just like we do.