Plantkos® was developed with clinically proven ingredients to address three biggest challenges: skin dehydration, hyperpigmentation, and redness.


The ability of our formulas to elevate moisture retention at skin's deeper layers makes them effective for preventing dehydration. Combined with their proven ability to nourish and restore the microbiome and the skin barrier, our formulas further support hydration by keeping essential moisture sealed into skin.


Hyperpigmentation surfaces in skin for a variety of reasons - cell death as skin ages, scars from acne and blemishes, natural sensitivity - but, most often, the underlying cause lies in chronic disruption of the microbiome and weakening of the skin barrier. When skin’s outermost layers are compromised, skin is vulnerable to the environmental factors that disrupt melanin production - the ultimate cause of dark spots and marks.

Each of our Certified Microbiome Friendly formulas are proven to support the microbiome's natural functions and maintain optimal balance. With their added benefits of preserving skin barrier integrity, Plantkos products are proven to prevent many of the common causes of hyperpigmentation before they are revealed on the skin.


Microbiome disruption is one of the leading causes of inflammation in our skin. Each of our Certified Microbiome Friendly formulas are proven to not cause irritation or inflammation on the skin. Coupled with their ability to support and maintain barrier integrity, Plantkos formulas protect skin from environmental influences - another major factor in inflammation.

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Our product testing is conducted on innovative synthetic skin models grown in a UK-based laboratory. These skin models - developed over 14 years and featured in 30 scientific publications - are made from primary human skin cells (keratinocytes) and collagen-producing cells (fibroblasts). They are developed with vital biological components that create normal skin function and fully support the microbiome.

The biggest differentiator of the models we use is they produce their own extracellular matrix, allowing them to mimic crucial natural processes like the production of collagen. This allows for a new level of accuracy in product testing with no human subjects required. This scientific breakthrough allows Plantkos® to effectively target, test and treat melanated skin’s biggest challenges.


Every Plantkos® product has undergone the same series of tests for clinical effectiveness - moisture retention, microbiome testing, skin barrier function, and skin irritation.


Plantkos Clinical Research - Hydration


To test the effectiveness of moisture retention, products are applied to the skin model, and moisture levels are measured at 10 minutes, 6 hours and 24 hours post-application. The probe used in testing measures moisture levels 0.5mm below the surface of skin to give a true representation of the hydration levels products provide to the epidermis.


All Plantkos® formulas were proven to maintain higher moisture levels compared to untreated skin, and were more effective than the industry-standard moisturizing cream used for comparison. For each of our products, higher moisture levels were seen immediately in the first 10 minute testing interval, and remained significantly higher up to 24 hours post application when compared to the baseline.


Plantkos Clinical Research - Microbiome


To test product effects on the microbiome, the skin models are seeded with a mix of C.acnes, C.striatum, and S.epidermis, which are allowed to establish on the outer most layer of skin, the stratum corneum. Products are applied, then the model is incubated for 24 hours at controlled temperature, after which biopsy samples are taken and tested individually.


All four of our formulas designed to protect and maintain the microbiome after cleansing - our Eye Cream, Face Mist, Triple C Serum and Face Lotion - were Certified Microbiome Friendly. Each product was shown to support and maintain the health of the microbiome.


Plantkos Clinical Research - Barrier Function


Our skin barrier testing has two metrics - the ability of formulas to activate genes that produce the two proteins most vital to skin barrier integrity, filaggrin and claudin, and how they support those proteins being released in the skin barrier.

*PBS refers to a non-irritating salt solution used as a negative control.


All Plantkos® formulas tested effective for activating both filaggrin and claudin, and were shown to elevate the skin’s ability to distribute both, resulting in a healthier and stronger skin barrier.


Plantkos Clinical Research - Skin Irritation


The tested products were applied to the skin and then irritation was tested along guidelines established by the OECD to determine toxicity and inflammation.

*PBS refers to a non-irritating salt solution used as a negative control.


All Plantkos® formulas were determined not to cause any irritation or inflammation. Each exceeded the testing standard of maintaining 50% skin viability, with an average skin viability of 88.7% - determining that each formula is non-irritating to skin.