It started
13 years ago,

...when our daughter was born with a rare skin condition called pigmentary mosaicism. As pharmacists, we became curious about how ingredient synergies may affect skin physiology. 

We learned that the most common skin concerns across all ages, races, and genders were the same — dehydration, irritation and hyperpigmentation — and often a result of a weakened skin barrier and skin microbiome.

We also discovered that these conditions appeared more often and more dramatically in people with melanin-rich skin.

We discovered
a Big Problem:

Historically, skincare products have been formulated for and tested on a very narrow audience: white and light skin.

We recognized the need to create a clinically-inclusive range of skincare that is proven to address the most common skin concerns for even the most compromised skin, making it effective for all types and tones.

We created
a Solution:

Plantkos is pharmacist-developed, clinically-inclusive skincare formulated and tested to address dehydration, irritation, and hyperpigmentation at once, and for all.