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Hi! I am Sejal, a pharmacist and the founder of Plantkos. I've meticulously crafted Plantkos, merging botanical extracts with lab-derived ingredients to create gentle yet clinically proven products. The results speak for themselves, starting with my own!

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Skin Loving Solutions

Phytoclinical Skincare

A harmonious blend of active botanical extracts and lab-derived ingredients creating clinically proven skincare solutions that cater to the individual needs of each skin layer, promoting balance, health and radiance.

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Image of woman with blemishes before using Plantkos products
Image of woman with clear skin after using Plantkos products


What People Are Saying

  • Priya D.

    For a while i was getting some little bumps on my face but after i started using these products, the bumps gradually got smaller and eventually completely went away. Also I love that the products are Ayurvedic because you know exactly what is going on your skin!! I highly recommend this set!

  • monabeauty

    As an esthetician and a beauty junkie, I love skincare and unique ingredients that will get you thinking and doing more research!  Phyto is such an amazing brand and i loved every single one of the products that I received.   It is great for all skin types in my opinions and truly delivers what it claims. 

  • alisiaesthetician

    This moisturizer address my concerns as a women of color and blows me away as an Esthetician. Plantkos is not only tested but clinically inclusive at it roots ... Phyto A addressed major concerns for melaninated skin hydration, pigmentation & inflammation.

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