FAQs - Brief

  1. I do not have deeply melanated skin. Can I still use Plantkos products?
    1. Yes! Plantkos products provide layered benefits for all skin regardless of pigmentation. Every color of skin goes through similar processes including melanin production, cell turnover, and natural barrier-building. Plantkos products were formulated to address the three most common skin concerns - dryness, hyperpigmentation and redness.
  2. How are your clinical studies conducted?
    1. While COVID-19 presented us with challenges to conducting live clinical studies, we were able to discover new opportunities to utilize a novel way of clinically testing our products utilizing human skin models. Plantkos clinical studies are conducted using bio-first skin-mimicking models made from young keratinocytes (human skin cells) and adult fibroblasts (metabolically-active, collagen producing human skin cells). The model is a 3D human skin equivalent that incorporates all of the vital biological components to completely replicate normal skin function.
  3. How are your clinical studies different than other skincare brands’?
    1. While many standard clinical studies are conducted using human participants, we‘ve chosen to use human skin cells to fully understand how each of our products work in the skin’s deepest layers. Take a moment to dive deeper into Our Science.
  4. Is the synthetic skin model you use animal-derived?
    1. No, we do not participate in any use of animal by-products or clinical testing on animals. Our skin model is created using young keratinocytes and adult fibroblasts.
  5. What is a Phytomedicinal Complex?
    1. Phytomedicine usually refers to plants having medicinal properties. At Plantkos, we define Phytomedicinal as each of the Ayurvedic herbs we use in our formulation having clinical data for effectiveness. Then we combined those Ayurvedic herbs with western, non-plant based ingredients, to create synergistic combination/Complex to address specific skin concerns.