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The ability of our formulas to elevate moisture retention at skin's deeper layers makes them effective for preventing dehydration. Combined with their proven ability to nourish and restore the microbiome and the skin barrier, our formulas further support hydration by keeping essential moisture sealed into skin.


Hyperpigmentation surfaces in skin for a variety of reasons - cell death as skin ages, scars from acne and blemishes, natural sensitivity - but, most often, the underlying cause lies in chronic disruption of the microbiome and weakening of the skin barrier. When skin’s outermost layers are compromised, skin is vulnerable to the environmental factors that disrupt melanin production - the ultimate cause of dark spots and marks.

Each of our Certified Microbiome Friendly formulas are proven to support the microbiome's natural functions and maintain optimal balance. With their added benefits of preserving skin barrier integrity, Plantkos products are proven to prevent many of the common causes of hyperpigmentation before they are revealed on the skin.


Microbiome disruption is one of the leading causes of inflammation in our skin. Each of our Certified Microbiome Friendly formulas are proven to not cause irritation or inflammation on the skin. Coupled with their ability to support and maintain barrier integrity, Plantkos formulas protect skin from environmental influences - another major factor in inflammation.